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Skillful Dialogue - Part 2




30 Mins

About the Course

Skillful Dialogue - Part 2 provides a therapeutic model for dogs who have experienced trauma in any context or have persistent behaviour issues. By keeping the dog at a subthreshold or arousal state, dog parents can use a dialogue exercise to communicate with their dog. The course and exercises within, focuses on the body of the dog that triggers heightened emotions. It is a means to generate a very simple conversation with the dog, and establish a profound shared understanding of respect. With this knowledge, you are able to advanced into more sophisticated questions and answers sessions with your dog.

Your Instructor

Sparky Smith

Hi I'm Sparky, the developer of the course, and founder of and DogParentology. The courses are presented are taught by many different instructors and myself. I'm a registered Canine Psychologist with the CMA and an Accredited Dog Behaviour Consultant with the IAABC. In addition, I am an ISCP Canine Behaviour Practitioner and run ISCP-Canada. I specialises in serious, complex and persistent dog behaviour therapy and modification programs, which has led to another specialisation of traumatised and rescued dogs. Our success rate of our in-person program is an unprecedented 98% with a proven adaptive method replicated in the Dog Parentology courses. I welcome you to learning how to guide your dog to a new way to think, feel and behave.

Sparky Smith
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