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 Traumatised and Rescued Dogs

We Build Dog Parents' Capabilities

Brain. Body. Behave! Workshop Video



One hour+ Playback of Our Successful Brain. Body. Behave! Workshop

Valid for 12 months

Achieve a breakthrough in helping your dog

Highly innovative and new - gentle and compassionate too!

Enhances your dogs well-being and yours

Changes reactive behaviour for life

Focuses on long-term behavioural solutions


Experience life-changing results.  Our award-winning program is now available through a series of online courses, called Dog Parentology.  These enable dog parents to build the necessary capabilities to successfully heal, teach and develop a rescued or traumatised dog to a cooperative and integrated family member.


Introducing our newly renamed offering: the Pinnacle Behavioural Turnaround Suite. This all-encompassing package is an extension of our award-winning BDPT: Behavior Dog Parent Training program, which boasts a 98% success rate. Designed for those who strive for excellence, this 12-week, expert-led, private program delivers world-class transformative lessons to elevate both your and your dog's capabilities. It's perfect for newly rescued dogs or those facing persistent behavioural challenges. Experience a profound shift in your relationship and communication with your dog. Elevate your dog parenting journey beyond training today with our most specialised and intensive interventions, aimed at resolving the most complex issues

What it's like to engage with our award-winning Behaviour Turnaround Programs

At, we deeply empathize with your worries about your dog's behaviour. We recognize your genuine efforts, uncertainties and aspirations for positive change, and it positions us perfectly to guide you through this journey. I want to assure you, you’ve come to the right place. With a focus on complex persistent behaviour cases, we specialize in resolving issues that have not improved, that reoccur day in, day out, and have not been solved no matter what you’ve tried. achieves a 98% success rate, attesting to our expertise. Our dedicated clients and fellow dog parents form a collaborative partnership. We know that families often disagree with how to raise a dog. Our practice is dedicated to listening to the opinions of every family member, and together create an agreed alignment to achieve sustainable change..


Unlike traditional training, the approach I developed for is one through the eyes of a psychologist and behaviourist. This approach allows us to delve deeper into understanding why your dog's behaviour exists and how to address it. I've built intellectual property (IP) that is unique and innovative using Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics. You may have heard of it. It is at the heart of finding solutions to some of the toughest, most complex problems in the world. It allows our program to be immersive and tailored to both you and your dog, teaching and building your capabilities to effectively develop, heal and change your dog's behaviour.


Our program, Behavior Dog Parent Training, is a completely unique experience and you can find the price and details in our Ultimate Ascent Bundle.


Here's what you can expect from the Ultimate Ascent Bundle program:


Duration: . At a minimum, your time investment needs to double the hours in this program in order to embed the program into your daily routine. Much like guiding a child through their formative years, your consistent effort and time investment will shape a lasting foundation of transformation and cooperation.


Ultimate Objectives: Developing a well-adjusted canine that can navigate diverse situations and empower dog parents with the capabilities to provide lifelong guidance. These fundamental goals drive our approach, fostering a harmonious and enduring bond between you, your dog and us.


Psychology Assessment: We combine our strengths in identifying and measuring behaviour influencers, alongside well-established psychological assessments published in peer reviewed journals. This blend uncovers complex contributors and connections, shaping our holistic strategy. Our insights into behaviour, uncovering previously unnoticed root causes and connections, consistently earn praise from veterinarians. They regard this information as both impressive and invaluable, greatly enhancing their decision-making process.


Weekly Meetings & Tailored Homework: Each week, we'll hold our sessions, and beyond that, we craft individual tasks, worksheets, and informative courses from our online platform, Dog Parentology™. These are designed to suit your needs and can be worked on throughout the week. Keep in mind, our program thrives on building momentum, making your dedicated time investment during these activities all the more rewarding and impactful.


Daily Tracking & Monitoring: Our exclusive, acclaimed approach gauges both our objective and your advancements. This mutual accountability sets the stage for achieving agreed-upon objectives and a healthy partnership between us. You'll be prompted to assess behaviour daily (a quick task in under a minute) to ensure our trajectory is steady and we're reaching our targets.  This distinctive, proprietary feature ensures your active role in shaping the desired results.


Advocacy: Leveraging our unparalleled expertise and education in canine psychology, we uniquely provide a service not offered by anyone else. When needed, we develop a Clinical Vet Behaviour Report. This includes a thorough examination of your dog’s behaviour, including a vet-mediated medication analysis and differential diagnosis research. This backing aids you and your vet in ensuring the best path is chosen for your dog’s mental well-being. This option respects veterinary insights without presuming medication necessity and allows your vet to monitor progress results.


Complimentary Lifetime Support: Our established, top-tier program enables us to offer graduates complimentary life-time support for your dog. Should new or uncommon behaviours emerge, you can always tap into our guidance. We wholeheartedly back you, and both you and your dog become integral members of our extended family.


Free Bi-Annual Masterclass Refresher:  Our Ultimate program graduates have free access to our Masterclass Refresher, designed to refresh and strengthen your understanding of canine care and introduce you to the latest methods and ideas in a field that's always growing and changing.


Investment: Our prices offer exceptional value, considering the in-depth interactive and innovative aspects of the Ultimate Ascent Bundle and are less than many experienced and professional dog trainer-behaviourists. The cost, depending on the bundle purchased, results in an hourly rate well below most dog trainers!  We will determine the time needed in a preliminary discussion.


Together, we can create a world where you and your dog thrive in harmony. The Ultimate Ascent program is an award-winning unique methodology that is proven to solve the toughest issues. is highly recommended by Vets and other professional behaviourists for persistent problem behaviour cases. 


Experience lasting changes instead of last chances through our renowned program model, Ultimate Ascent Program. With a remarkable 98% success rate over the last seven years, our dog psychologist and behaviorist-led approach is highly effective. Excitingly, we've expanded with Dog Parentology: a global learning platform offering expert insights to support dog parents worldwide. Our graduates rave about our powerful approach that addresses persistent problematic dog behaviors stemming from trauma, poor socialization, and mental illness. We reshape your mindset, emotions, and teaching methods working only in gentle and compassionate methods (FF, R+), resulting in a trusting and healed dog. We teach you how to embrace positive and cooperative methods, never any force, intimidation or coercion. Used In collaboration with international veterinarians, we offer psychological interventions when needed. Trust our team of psychology-based behavior specialists who provide evidence-based knowledge and resources. Join us on the journey to a harmonious bond with your canine companion.

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